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Since May 11, 2022

eternal nudge

alaina marie

innocent and intimate
sensuality refined


truth in the felt sense

a child untainted,
in sync with the rhythms of nature

receiving and embracing life
free from the shackles of a self-

imposed guilt and shame 
organic naivety

guns ablaze
the inevitable reality 
  of the human experience 

an inaudible whisper 
"Beware what you choose to believe Sweetheart"

sense enmeshment
confused discombobulation
her sweet rhythm off the rails 

too much
i bite the hand that feeds me

the way smoke dances

off the edge of incense, and into the air…
truth drifted off into the still abode 
only to be remembered 

insatiably hungry, a driving desire for

a primitive nurturance 
and a fire stoked

self preservation was selective
of its preferences
the senses it's close companion


raging, both gross and subtle
consuming everything in its path


time and time again,
the disguised darkness coaxed 
and had its way


Delusion. Rigidity. Resentment


beware the assumed Black Sheep status


grief, sadness and longing unfelt 
the sheep in wolves clothing


the fibres slowly dissolve


"Be careful what you choose to believe Sweetheart"


be still, breathe & behold
even in the dark 
the offering of the omnipresent 
and eternal nudge


receive it and you will remember me more important- 
you will remember you
your worth


when grace stirs
bow down in sweet surrender 
I will receive


Curious.  Open.  Etheric. Worthy

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