Power of MusicAndrew Staygold
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Andrew Staygold

"Music is in my DNA"

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I Want To Be MeGill Gruhn
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Gill Gruhn

Gill is on the hunt for band members and a catchy band name.

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SoliloquyMarina Neilson
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When she's not climbing, she is playing the piano on Banff's gandola or at the farmer's market. 

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Be the ChangeGenesis Lamboson
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“We have big hearts for people who are struggling, and so we sing to send a message for people that they are not alone out there.”

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In The Embrace Of Death (A Side Story)Kasey Nolan
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Kasey Nolan

Kasey's new album The Voiceless

is a love letter to the singing

silence of the Canadian Rockies

this goese.j.s
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Emily Joy Simms

Emily lived in the Bow Valley for four years traveling around in a van and writing music.

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Everything You WantJacob Guden
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Jacob Guden

Jacob Guden is a lover of mountains and all things wild. He is currently working on his first album

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Linas is a Lithuanian musician who came to the bow valley to look for inspiration for his music. He released two albums. 

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Angel From Montgomery (cover)Ji Won Baxter
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Ji Won Baxter