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Since May 11, 2022

Poplar Prayers

heather jean jordan


To bloom
To breathe
To wait.

To glow green
Verdant and vaporous
A misty wisp of
Florescent phosphorescence
Earthly exhalation.

To know Spirit and be moved
To tremble and dance
Sing rushing water songs.

To transform
Some dewy morning.

To press
Fill to overflowing static cell walls
All stained glass and sunlight
Until the quivering membrane bursts
Tart and liquid
Lime jelly juices that spill
Sate spirit
Feed feet.

To spread
Scrunched toes
Seeking spaciousness in dark earth- compacted and cool
Underground umbilical cords
Bearing unconditional gifts
To be delivered by the soft hands of spring.

To reveal

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